Network Marketing | Network Marketing Reviews | Network Marketing Scam? Read this Network Marketing Scam Review before you join!


Network Marketing | Network Marketing Reviews | Network Marketing Scam?

Network Marketing | Network Marketing Reviews | Network Marketing Scam

Network Marketing | Network Marketing Reviews | Network Marketing Scam

Are you scouring the internet looking for a unbiased, honest Network Marketing Scam Review? If so then you have come to the right place and I assure you that you will only be given facts with out the hype in this Network Marketing Scam Review.

With over 5,000 MLM companies and more and more staring up every day it can really be difficult to distinguish between which one’s are legit or just another successful scam.

In this review I will be sharing many facts about Network Marketing to help you in making a good decision for you and your family.

I will also share with you how to be super successful with whatever MLM company you choose as your vehicle for success even if it is not Network Marketing.

I am a huge fan of Network Marketing because it has changed my life and I know that when choosing a company if you make the wrong decision it can be severely pain staking to not just yourself but the people you care about most that join you in these companies.

There are many MLM companies starting up every day and most of them are here today and gone tomorrow which leave representatives devastated when these companies fold and take all of their hard work down the tubes with them. I am doing this Network Marketing Scam review so that does not happen to you!

But first I want to applaud you for not only doing your due diligence about Network Marketing but also making a decision to better your life.

Network Marketing is the greatest industry in the world and for many in these hard economic times is saving them from the financial down turn. The MLM industry is the only industry that is growing rapidly and sharing revenues with people just like you.

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Network Marketing | Network Marketing Reviews | Network Marketing Scam – The Company

Founded in 1993 Network Marketing is a Health and Wellness company that prides themselves on changing lives financially and health wise. They also pride themselves by offering a system they call the Debt Buster. Network Marketing believes in not only in helping create healthy lifestyles but also fiscal fitness as stated on their website www.Network

You should also note that Network Marketing is a member of the Direct Selling Association which is basically a regulator of Direct Selling Companies. There are only about 250 companies that are members of the DSA out of over 5,000 MLM companies. So this is a pretty big deal and worthy of noting when choosing a MLM company.


They’re home office is located in Plano, Texas. The Network Marketing slogan is “We Build Champions” But does Network Marketing really build champions? We’ll get down to the real deal soon! Keep reading…

Network Marketing | Network Marketing Reviews | Network Marketing Scam

Network Marketing | Network Marketing Reviews | Network Marketing Scam

Network Marketing | Network Marketing Reviews | Network Marketing Scam – The Leadership

Learning about the Leadership of any company is critical in my opinion because it is critical to know that your business is being lead by people that are experienced and have a proven track record. After all it is always the people behind any company that makes it the most successful.

Network Marketing was founded by Charles Ragus and in 2001 he died at the age of 58. Prior to the launch of Network Marketing Charles Ragus was a distributor for a very well known health and wellness company called Herbal Life.

In 2007 Richard H. Wright joined Network Marketing as the C.E.O and President. Richard is on the board of the Direct Selling Association and previously built a word wide organization of over 1,000 in his previous company. He was also the co founder of another MLM company.

My thought’s on the leadership and company is that Network Marketing passes my test for time and leadership. I see a proven track record for more than 5 years which is a good sign.But is that enough to make a decision to join?

We still have much to cover in this Network Marketing Review…

Network Marketing | Network Marketing Reviews | Network Marketing Scam – The Products

Most people are product people and honestly it is a lot easier to share products then it is a business opportunity. So having a good foundation with the company and leadership is just the beginning. The Products will be the driving force of your business but the problem is they just won’t sell themselves and we will get to that here in a bit but first let’s check out the Network Marketing Products.

Network Marketing | Network Marketing Reviews | Network Marketing Scam - The Products

Network Marketing | Network Marketing Reviews | Network Marketing Scam – The Products

The Network Marketing product categories include:

Trim – Solutions for healthy weight management

Active – Vibrant energy and on the go nutrition

Well – Supporting health products

Performance Elite  - Advanced Sports Nutrition

Definite Difference – Skin Care

The majority of the Network Marketing product line is surrounded around their 24 day weight loss challenge. They have many products that support this system and they also have a whole skin care line so that you can feel great not only on the inside but look great on the outside.

My thoughts are that the products look great but in my investigation of the  products I did find many complaints about the products including a law suit from a Olympian which in my opinion where there is smoke there is fire but most companies that have been around for a decent amount of time have some complaints so make sure you factor that in as well.

Details of this law suit was found on Wikipedia. com


Olympic swimmer Jessica Hardy was notified on 23 July 2008 that her blood tests tested positive for clenbuterol. Although other athletes have been banned or suspended for using the breathing enhancer clenbuterol, Hardy has claimed innocence and said she has never even heard of clenbuterol,[9] attributing her positive drug result to either a tainted nutritional supplement or sabotage.[10] Hardy was taking Network Marketing supplements at the time, and sued Network Marketing, claiming that the supplements were tainted.[11] Network Marketing countersued Hardy for making false claims.[12] An arbitration hearing reduced Hardy’s suspension after acknowledging that Hardy met the burden of proof that the Network Marketing supplements were tainted. Network Marketing disputed the findings of the panel. Allison Levy (Network Marketing General Counsel) said the testimony offered by Hardy’s scientific experts is “in direct conflict with testing conducted by two independent laboratories, both of which found no evidence that Clenbuterol was present in the Network Marketing supplements consumed by Ms. Hardy.” [13]

Network Marketing’s product “KickStart Spark ” formula was targeted to youth age 4-11 containing 60 mg of Caffeine and came under scrutiny from pediatricians for the high dosage of this stimulant. Network Marketing no longer offers this product.[14]

Regarding Network Marketing’s weight loss program titled the 24-Day Challenge, Dr. Wendy Miller, a health expert at Beaumont Weight Control Center, says Network Marketing’s cleanse is probably safe for many users. However she questions if the same results couldn’t be achieved without the products. “I’m not sure though you wouldn’t get the same results though if you just followed the healthy food guidelines, increased exercise and drink lots of water,” Miller said.[15]

Now that we have covered the Network Marketing Products were nearly there.. It’s time to dive into the money which is a important factor when choosing a MLM company.


Network Marketing | Network Marketing Reviews | Network Marketing Scam – The Compensation Plan

It costs $79 to become a Network Marketing distributor and I really could not find anything on their autoship requirements so be sure to ask your sponsor about this. Auto Purchase is what will drive your business and is a must to maintain if you plan to be a serious Network Marketing business owner.

Network Marketing pays out 5 different ways:

  1. Retail Profits –  up to 40% on first time product purchases of your direct customers. (note the “up to” because I could not find any real break down of this)
  2. Whole Sale Commissions – 10% on product purchases made by your direct recruits when they start a new Network Marketing business.
  3. Over Rides - Earn up to 20% on your direct recruits sales. (once again note the “up to”)
  4. Leadership Bonuses – Advance in Rank in your first year and receive additional bonuses. Qualify to earn twice-a-month pay period bonuses when Network Marketing awards $20,000 to the top achieving Rookie Advisors (Split $1,000;$1,500; $2,000; $2,500; $3,000; $4,000 and $6,000)
  5. Incentives - Qualify for twice a year luxury vacations

As a Network Marketing distributor you also save 20% on all the products and on your initial purchase you save 30% of your total purchase.

 My honest thought’s on the Network Marketing compensation plan is that the pay is avearge and definitely below average on the recruiting bonus. The majority of the money you make when starting with any MLM company will be on the up front money and when you recruit someone to Network Marketing the 10% fast start bonus is very week and we all know in order to create true leveraged residual income you need to recruit others to the business. This is just a stone cold fact. Definitely take note of this draw back when it comes to Network Marketings compensation plan.

However while everyone is fighting over which compensation plans are the “best”, the truth is they’re all great, they all pay around the exact same percentage (about 40 % -60 % out to the reps/ distributors (you)), and it’s all based on what you do. However some have more hoops to jump through than others and are built for the company not the rep.

Be sure to check out my post on how to choose a MLM Opportunity that will reward you long term HERE

Network Marketing | Network Marketing Reviews | Network Marketing Scam – Is Network Marketing really a Scam?

Network Marketing  does not appear to be a scam. The Leadership is experienced,  the products are marketable, and the compensation plan is legit. However all of that really doesn’t matter if you’re not consistent and haven’t any skills to succeed. Many people come into MLM and think because they joined success will just happen and that is always not the case. You have to treat your business like a real business with you being the CEO.

Network Marketing | Network Marketing Reviews | Network Marketing Scam – Your #1 Problem

Many people trying to recruit you will tell you anything they think you might want to here to get you to join them in their business.  This is scary because they’ll tell you what they do is easy and the products sells itself etc.

These are lies! Although you won’t be under a car with a blow torch you will have to talk to people and ask them to join you. For example let’s say you talk to 5 of your friends and ask them to show up to a meeting, 0 to 1 of them will actually show up. Success in MLM is a numbers game! 90% of the people you talk to are going to say NOooo!

Another example if your products sell themselves the company wouldn’t need you! I assure you that if you were to put your products out on a table in your front yard no one would even stop to look, let alone buy. It is your job to not only get the word out but close the sales.

Most people fail at MLM because they are recruited wrong! They are not informed that success never comes easy and that anything worth having will take time. Expect about 2 to 5 years to fully launch you plane. This is more realistic and is the industry statistic for those that stick it out.

People that frown at that I ask them if they were to continue doing what they are currently doing right now for the next 5 years would their lives be any different 5 years from now?

More than likely their response is NO! The plan that they are working today is not going to change their path! I applaud you for seeking something better for yourself and your family! Only about 2% of the population make it a point to seek out other options to make their lives better.

The fortunes are made in this industry by the people that get creative and learn how to sift through the numbers very quickly! In the beginning this can be tough because you only have so much warm market. I know it was for me. I failed miserably until I was able to master the skill of Online Network Marketing recruiting.

You really need no creativity with what I am going to show you here in second! You only need to know that you need to invest in your skill-set to succeed with Network Marketing or with any company for that matter.

Leads are the name of the game and with out them your Network Marketing business will be dead in the water.

Network Marketing Leads - CLICK HERE

Network Marketing Leads – CLICK HERE


I hope you found this Network Marketing Scam Review helpful in your decision making process and if you did do me a favor and share this post by clicking one of the social media buttons on this post and leaving me a comment below with any questions or comments you may have about Network Marketing..

If you are a Rep with Network Marketing already I would love to hear your reasons for joining or if you didn’t  join feel free to share why as well.

I truly believe that MLM is the greatest industry known to the human race! Let’s continue to help each other and share the knowledge.

Here’s to you ULTIMATE Success!

Network Marketing | Network Marketing Reviews | Network Marketing Scam

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